GTA Rules and Roleplay Guide

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Server Operations
May 13, 2018
East Coast, USA
Welcome to our Grand Theft Auto Roleplay Server!
Server IP:

General Rules

  • Do not make any kind of racial or discriminatory remarks, in any form.
  • Do not harass or disrespect other players.
  • Do not advertise links that would break our core rules.
  • Do not impersonate our members or admins.
  • Do not use cheats, hacks, macros, scripts, or exploits of any kind.
  • Do not argue with admins as they always will have the final say.
  • Do not disrupt the server in any way.
GTA Server Rules

  • Roleplay is required
  • Do not break Roleplay
  • Do not Random Death Match (RDM) or Vehicle Death Match (VDM)
    • RDM – You can’t just go around and kill people for the heck of it. You must engage in and role play a scenario out. Do not abuse scenarios where you are constantly engaging in conflict, consequences in game will happen (longer jail periods for repeat offenders of crimes) as well as the potential for more serious actions taken against your account on our servers.
    • VDM – Similar to RDM but with some type of vehicle.
    • Police – A frequent abuse of this is acted upon against police personnel. If the police arrive to engage in your scenario, you should work to incorporate them into the RP as well. Don’t just automatically start shooting just to shoot. If this is the case, there should be a logical reasoning behind your actions and it should make sense.
  • Microphones are required
    • Voice chat is not to be used for OOC conversations
  • Value your Character’s Life (VCL)
    • Your character isn’t invincible, don’t act on something that has a very high probability of getting your character severely injured or killed
    • For example, you get pulled over and the police have their guns drawn and trained on you. You value your life so you wouldn’t be engaging in a suicide by cop scenario.
  • No combat in or at Green Zones (Police Stations and Garages)
    • Green zones are considered safe zones.
    • Do not engage in any combat or kidnapping actions.
    • Police have an exception to this rule if they are engaged with a suspect and the suspect enters a Green Zone.
  • Do not kill or kidnap EMS personnel
    • EMS personnel can be told to leave a scene and must comply if threatened with being killed or kidnapped
  • New Life Rule
    • Serious RP Only – In order for a character to be killed, the victim character must make that decision as it is permanent. Characters can otherwise be incapacitated or severely injured. If incapacitated or severely injured, care at a hospital will likely be required. Upon recovery, the character can retain knowledge of his/her past. If a character is killed, then the new character that is created will have no knowledge of the previous characters interactions with other characters. The killed characters assets can be “inherited” to the new character. A request on our forums is required and must be approved for this action to take place. Upon transfer of assets, the character inaccessible/removed from the server.
    • Regular RP – If your character “dies,” it will not retain any memory and therefore cannot retaliate for prior scenarios. Your character will retain it’s assets.
  • No meta-gaming
    • Definition: Meta-gaming is any strategy, action or method used in a game which transcends a prescribed ruleset, uses external factors to affect the game, or goes beyond the supposed limits or environment set by the game. Another definition refers to the game universe outside of the game itself.
    • Examples include, but are not limited to: Using information from Out-Of-Character (OOC) chat; Watching someone’s game stream and using that information for your character in game; Using an out of game voice chat program.
  • No combat logging
    • Definition: Combat Logging is the act of logging off or exiting the game during a scenario (often during combat) to avoid a consequence. Often times, players will generally terminate a game session when they feel discontent with their current situation in the hopes of restarting in a safer position or to save what they have left.
  • Do not FailRP
    • Definition: FailRP is an event surrounding an action that your character commits that is not probable. This is going to be the best way to define it.
    • How do you avoid a FailRP situation?
      • Stay In-Character
      • Be realistic
      • Follow the rules!
  • Cop Baiting
    • Do not intentionally bait cops just to cause havoc.
    • No reasonable person would purposely do something to with the intent to get caught/in trouble.
    • Cop baiting can also tie in with FailRP.
  • Desync
    • Do not break character for desync issues.
    • Be creative but realistic.
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Server Operations
May 13, 2018
East Coast, USA
Character Creation
Creating a unique character with depth can really bring out good roleplay in the server. Once you create your character, get to really know your character and remember how your character would play out in various scenarios.

Name: Try and make your name something special, back when William Shakespeare was around he used to name his characters with a specific meaning attached to their name, a more recent one would be in the Star Wars universe, George Lucas (The creator of Star Wars) named Annakin Skywalker 'Annakin' because it's means 'warrior', which is a direct mirror of what that characters occupation is. So when you make your characters try and find a name with a meaning that resembles your character, most of the time you'll find weird and usual names but that is good! It just means that you're character will have more personality in them. [NOTE: Do not use famous names of people or characters that could have copyrights or trademarks.]

Traits: Coming up with traits is probably the easiest and most important decision you're going to make within your roleplay. Traits have appeared in games such as the sims, they are things that resemble your characters personality, so as stated earlier your traits could consist of being Funny or being Cruel. For instance, if you are being a desk secretary you could go with the cliche of being friendly and helpful. However the more interesting roleplay usually contain a character with traits that you wouldn't expect, so instead of being friendly and helpful you could go with the complete opposite and be anti-social and dumb. This can just make your roleplay more memorable for other players.

When coming up with your traits it's good to give your character a positive and a negative trait. This just prevents your character from being a typical 'Mary Sue' character (one that is full of cliches and is just your basic, usually overpowered character). There are many websites that contain character traits that can help you with the decision making process and so if you're struggling use those!

Accent: Having an accent in your roleplay prevents you using a boring, monotone voice, making it appear that you don't care or want to be in the roleplay. Experiment with different accents, if you aren't good at them, who cares! It's fun and will make people see you as a dedicated roleplayer.

General Roleplay Chat Slash Commands

  • /me [something your character thinks about]
    • /me thinks the cops are crazy.
  • /do [something your character does]
    • /do pulls out phone.
  • /twt [twitter message]
    • /twt I’m having a party at my house! 500 Street Avenue. Come join me!
  • /ooc [ooc message]
    • /ooc How do I open my phone?
  • /report [message]
    • Use to report a player to admins
  • A list of all commands and binds can be found here
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