Rust US 3x Heli PVP - Vote Day/Skip night and more!

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Community Manager
Feb 24, 2020
  • Removed time of day, which means the server now has vanilla day/night cycles. You can now use
    before nightfall to skip day. at least 40% of online players need to voteday in order for it to skip night. We may fine tune this over time.
  • Infonote was created. You can now type
    in game to receive some information like our discord and website. you can use ctrl-c to copy this in game so you don't have to type things.
  • CompoundTeleport was added. This gives you the option to spawn via a sleeping bag to outpost and bandit camp at the death screen. We may add more monuments at a later time but we'll have these by default for now. Remember, just because you die doesn't mean you aren't still considered hostile, so teleport wisely.
  • Weather has been configured to always be clear. No more losing frames due to rain while it's sunshine outside. atmosphere_mie is adjusted to 0 so the sun doesn't blind you.
  • General updates, like adding our ghosting squad icon to plugin outputs, and updating our server info panel.
  • More to come!
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