Rust 10x Heli PVP Plugin updates

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Community Manager
Feb 24, 2020
  • Added:
    • BetterChatFilter
      • A few especially heinous words have been added to the chat filter which will prevent them from being said in game.
      • After 3 offenses you will be automatically kicked and muted for 300 seconds
      • After 10 offenses you will be automatically banned for 30 minutes.
      • You will be warned when you trigger one of these words on the list, and a custom, much more appropriate replacement will take its place.
  • Updated:
    • JetPack
      • Sams will not be nearly as crazy in terms of distance.
      • Brought the old sound back, sounds better.
    • Clans
      • Clan Tags now show up in chat for everyone instead of just VIP players. use /clanhelp if you want to configure it or change the color.