GS Fortnite team

  • You are not yet a member of GhostingSquad. Applying is fast and simple.
Minimum to apply to team :

1) At least 2.0 K/D on Fortnite
2) Minimum 5 Solo wins, 5 Duo wins, and 10 Squad wins.
3) Have a mic
4) Have a minimum of 200 matches of Fortnite played
If you meet the requirements Type in your Epic game, Fortnite tracker, timezone and why'd you like to join the team.
Example :
Applicant details
  1. Epic ID :
  2. Fortnite Tracker :
  3. Timezone :
  4. Reason to join :
*Current roster*

Member 1 : GS Revolver
Member 2 : GS Fusionn
Member 3 : GS Scream
Member 4 : TBD
Backup 1 : TBD
Backup 2 : TBD
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#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

int main();
    cout << "We're gonna do great!" << endl;
    return 0;
Epic ID : SoldierChicken
  1. Fortnite Tracker :
  2. Timezone : EST
  3. Reason to join : I have 45 overall wins, but thats because I like to troll. If i get picked I would play legit with you guys and would try. I usually get like 6-15 kills per game. I play with my max at 120 fps but I could do 160 if I wanted to. I have a mic. In squads no fill I can get like 13 kills on a normal game. I know I don’t have 2 kdr, but give me a chance because I’ve trolled/played so many matches that it’s hard to get a 2 kdr now lol.
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